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New Years Eve In Aspen Colorado




We are combining entries from the #DABINNTIMES Semi Final and the #HASHMADNESS Quarter Final to qualify for the Official 2016 Connoisseur’s Cup in Denver, Colorado on April 20th-24th. Enter your BEST 14-28 grams of Flower and/or 3-7 grams of Concentrates to The Dab Lounge by 7:10 on March 18th.


Aspen, Colorado #EXTRACTGAMES Semi Final during Winter X Games Jan. 27th-31st


The Cannabis Connoisseur’s Coalition would like to thank our Platinum sponsor Openvape and Gold sponsors at The Green Joint, Alchemy ExtractsThe Hash Castle and EndoCanna for sponsoring last month’s #‎XTRACTGAMES Semi Final in Aspen/Snowmass- Colorado, USA during the Winter X Games. The CCC events and parties have had a legendary nostalgic vibe that was felt by Connoisseur’s from all around the World.

We would like to congratulate The Green Solution for winning first place in the Flower division and earning their entry into the Official 2016 Connoisseur’s Cup with their #‎KONGSTOMPER!!!


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Exclusive Seeds won the Solvent Concentrate division with their #‎PURPLEFLO Shatter!!!      DSCN5681  12009784_571932929621303_3128838102738291554_n   20151214_131220-1

Nectar Bee won the Non Solvent Concentrate with their #‎CRITICALHIVEBERRY Rosin.

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This Rosin tested out at 69.66% #‎THC and .8% #‎CBD and #‎CBN. Although we like the test results our Connoisseur Judges rely more on taste, effect and enjoyability. We are on a mission to tour the Nation to find the World’s finest Cannabis and find means to producing the Quality & Consistency the avid Connoisseur demands with the upmost Integrity in the Cannabiz. Sign up for your membership today and be invited to #DABINTIMES at The Dab Lounge in Colorado Springs, Colorado on February 27th & 28th. #‎DABINTINES #DABINTIMES VIDEO 

Aspen, Colorado #CCCNYEBASH 


Denver, Colorado

#PotOberfest Pre Qualifier October 24th.


FIRE OG from:

Gratefully Deadicated Alternative Medicine 



Endo Canna / Better Concentrates






Denver/Colorado Springs, Colorado #DANKSGIVING Pre Qualifier with Lil Flip & Devin the Dude

Winning Flower:

Orange Mango

Grand Mesa Caregivers

Winning Concentrate:

Tang Dream shatter from the Mad Globber & Full Blown Concentrates


We wrapped up the Pre Qualifiers with the #XTRACTMAS PQ event at the Speak Easy Vape Lounge and Cannabis Club on December 26th.

We would like to congratulate Quality Choice and Jerry Harrison from My-kind Colorado for their First Place Tie in the Flower divisions at the ‪#‎XTRACTMAS‬ pre qualifier in Colorado Springs, Colorado at TheSpeakeasy Vape Lounge and Cannabis Club #SEVL.

Quality Choice also won the Concentrates division with their LIVE ‪#‎SOURDIESELROSIN‬ and tied My-kind Colorado for first in the Flower division with their ‪#‎DurbanPoison‬.

My-kind Colorado tied for first in the Flower division with their‪ #‎PurpleDragon‬.





Ticket Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/devin-the-dudes-new-years-eve-bash-cannabis-competition-in-aspen-co-tickets-19797063550


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Join us at our tasting/rating party from 4:20 to 7:10 (location tba) where members of the general public will be invited to participate in the first True Connoisseur’s “People’s Choice” award. Buy purchasing your $25 temporary weekend membership you will be invited to help us taste and rate all off the BEST Cannabis and Concentrate entries from Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We will also be accepting entries for the Semi Finals that will be held in Aspen during Winter X Games on January 27th-31st.

 Food & Wine Aspen, Colorado Infused Cooking


20+ strains rated by Devin the Dude at the #DANKSGIVING pre qualifier in Denver, Colorado


Devin the Dude after sampling and rating over 20 strains at the Denver and Colorado Springs Pre Qualifiers


Boonie Feelgood, Devin the Dude, Korey Blues

LIVE performance by Devin the Dude at Casselman’s Denver with Jared Virgil for JaeSlow Productions.10410318_260671217464379_4937511647714614665_n

Tasting and Rating party11216579_398392003692299_5432900803856461504_n